A Natural Alternative to Deodorant

January 29, 2015
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March 12, 2015

A Natural Alternative to Deodorant

In an effort to live a more holistically balanced lifestyle I have always tried to avoid the use of chemicals and artificial products whenever possible. One area in which I found difficulty in doing this was in the search for an all-natural, effective underarm deodorant.

While researching an unrelated health topic I chanced upon the use of zinc as a topical application for certain skin conditions. As with all my research I am my own favorite guinea pig. Upon applying a zinc oxide compound to my skin I found that it was quite drying. I also knew through my research that zinc had certain anti-microbial properties which made it seem a perfect choice for an antiperspirant / deodorant.

Many in the past have hypothesized a link between traditional aluminum based antiperspirants and maladies such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. Although the research has yet to support these correlations I am in favor of erring on the side of natural solutions both for our personal health and that of the environment.

Using a zinc-oxide deodorant in the form of diaper rash cream has served as a personal solution for me and for many to whom I have recommended. I will continue to search for better and improved versions and will keep you updated accordingly.

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