Absolute Best Mercury Toxicity Test

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November 12, 2013
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November 15, 2013

Absolute Best Mercury Toxicity Test

It is no secret that mercury and other heavy metals have absolutely no useful purpose in the body. Although it is known that these toxins are some of the most detrimental substances to human, animal and environmental health they continue to surface in industry, dentistry and medicine.

In this video, test developer Dr. Christopher Shade presents a short, non-technical overview of the test, its technology and benefits.

In the past there has been much confusion over the breadth and tenacity of mercury toxicity due to poor detection methods and inadequate testing technology. Luckily now we have a complete method for testing for mercury and its metabolites in the body. The Quicksilver Mercury Tri-Test offers many benefits over any other existing testing method.

Some of the unique benefits of the Quicksilver Mercury Tri-Test are:

  • Body Burden: Tells how much mercury is in the body
  • Speciation Testing: Details the chemical form of mercury that is in the body which suggests the likely source of exposure
  • Elimination Pathways: Only the Quicksilver Mercury Tri-Test is capable of examining if mercury is being excreted by the body and how well

The issue of mercury toxicity is much too serious to rely on anything but the best mercury testing technology. Outdated methods such as simple blood and hair test often miss the most common presentations of mercury toxicity or are unable to detect any but the most extreme/acute cases.

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