Better Posture In 5 Minutes?!

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February 27, 2014
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February 27, 2014

Better Posture In 5 Minutes?!

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I used to be like most people. I used to think that good (or bad) posture was a habit and that the only remedy was eternal diligence; “remembering” to sit up straight or to engage my core and regularly doing stretches, exercises and yoga to keep my muscles in balance.

This thinking is common not just in moms and schoolteachers chiding us to “sit up straight” but also amongst health professionals. Upon graduating chiropractic college the knowledge I had regarding postural correction was not much more than a refined version of the one that every elementary student knows. The thought was that regular chiropractic could help the spine stay more mobile in general but you still needed exercises and “remembering” to keep it propped upright.

This all changed for me quite a few years ago. The first time you see (or feel) an instantaneous posture change with less muscular effort, with no exercises, with less conscious effort is the first time you realize that maybe something was missing in the explanations and chidings you’ve been given your entire life.

To see what I am talking about click the link to the video here to see what happens in a typical office visit with an Advanced Biostructural Correction™ practitioner. If you check the patient’s posture at 0:50 seconds and then again at 5:50 you can see that in 5 minutes – even with the doctor taking his time – there is a drastic and noticeable change in the girls resting posture.

Of course every body is different but this is not the exception to the rule – this is the expected result. The truth is, when the body is properly structurally aligned it can hold itself up – without muscular effort, without thinking about it, and without remembering. Good (and bad) posture is a structural issue. It can break down over time or it can be improved through a simple process.

To see and learn more about Advanced Biostructural Correction™ click on the links or search in the search bar on this page. Better yet, call us today to experience these changes in your own body starting from the first visit.

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