Better Posture Effortlessly

The “Greatist” Guide to Good Posture
July 29, 2013
Los Angeles Chiropractor
August 8, 2013

Better Posture Effortlessly

One great surprise for some of our patients is the improvement in their posture even when they weren’t coming in for that purpose. The aim of chiropractic (when done correctly) should be to correct misalignments that your body cannot correct from within. Since these misalignments are responsible for so many problems – things like low back pain, headaches, sciatica, etc… many people coming to see me could care less about posture correction as they are eager to get out of pain.

Nevertheless, with appropriate analysis and correction not only are we able to effectively deal with all of the symptoms that chiropractors are used to dealing with (and more), We can actually work towards “fixing” a problem instead of “managing” it.

If I was really just concerned about making the pain go away there are many “spot treatment” type of therapies I could use. Most chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists can help someone “feel better” by adjusting, massaging or stretching major pain areas. Unless you are correcting the underlying structure, the alignment of the body as a whole, these treatments are guaranteed to give only short-term results. When someone becomes truly aligned, not only is their pain gone, their body is more balanced, more upright and muscles go to normal tension/length; effortlessly.

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