Urine Test for Breast Cancer Risk

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January 13, 2015
January 29, 2015

Urine Test for Breast Cancer Risk

When it comes to hormones rarely does the absolute amount of any particular hormone tell the whole story. In fact, I find it almost humorous when someone is told by there doctor that their estrogen (or testosterone, or cortisol, or most any other hormone) levels are “fine.”

The interplay among the hormones in the body is a finely tuned orchestra that changes minute-to-minute and according to circumstances and over the decades. More broad minded practitioners realize that it is often more useful to look at the ratios of hormones and by comparing one to another (along with clinical observations) we are able to gather a much more coherent and useful picture.

The Genova Estronex Test is one such test. To understand the importance of this test it is first important to understand that terms like “estrogen” don’t refer to one particular molecule but actually to a group of molecules that can exist in different forms. This test measures the ratios between so-called “good” estrogens and “bad” estrogens.

No particular measurement of these forms of estrogen can tell us as much as the ratios between them. By using a more comprehensive measure we are able to get a much more meaningful picture of a patients metabolic profile and wellness outlook.


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