Can Your Doctor Do This?

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March 17, 2015
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April 17, 2015

Can Your Doctor Do This?

Photos taken about 15 minutes apart. Before on the left, after on the right. Instructions were identical (patient is not “trying” to stand differently).

Like they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words. And it is the 100s of images just like the one above that caused me to seek out and learn Advanced Biostructural Correction™. It is only through the use of this technique that I have seen rapid, noticeable postural improvements on just about all of my patients in a reliable, predictable fashion.

The above client came in to see me nearly a year ago with pain and was worried that it was going to impact her upcoming vacation. After her first visit her pain was resolved enough that she was able to do a Europe vacation with virtually no pain. One visit, then a European vacation!

Since then I have only seen her two other times for mild checkups. She came back in today and after so many months without an adjustment and since I haven’t had time to work on her a lot I thought we would do a before and after photograph and see if we could make some postural improvements. The photos above are the result. Before treatment on the left and after on the right – about 15 minutes apart. The only instructions are to breath in, breath out and let your body relax.

The results you see are not due to “holding” her body up with her muscles or a temporary proprioceptive effect. This is improved biomechanics meaning the results are more lasting and take less work from the muscles to maintain.

The one effect not visible here in order to keep her anonymity is the smile on the “after” photo – a common side effect.

As an aside; I’ve posted several before and after photos on this site. If you look at the “after” photos you will almost always notice that the person looks thinner through the neck and abdomen and fuller through the chest and buttocks. Why is that? That’s a “side effect” of good posture. Don’t believe it? You can try it yourself in the mirror by first slumping then pulling yourself into a more upright posture!

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