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June 19, 2014

Intestinal Metal Detox (IMD) for Safe Mercury Removal – An Analogy

Many of us would agree that mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man yet we are all exposed and affected to some […]
June 19, 2014

Mercury Distribution In The Body

Above is a scan of radioactively tagged mercury that has distributed into the body of a sheep that had fillings inserted only 30 days prior! The […]
December 12, 2014

Concerns Over Plastic Bottled Water?

In this video I hope you can see my concern over the ubiquitous phenomenon of plastic water bottles everywhere. While only touching on the dangers of […]
March 5, 2015

A Natural Alternative to Deodorant

In an effort to live a more holistically balanced lifestyle I have always tried to avoid the use of chemicals and artificial products whenever possible. One […]
March 17, 2015

How to Use Quicksilver IMD – Intestinal Metal Detox Instructions

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