Chiropractic Adjustment For Shoulder Pain Post Injury

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April 30, 2015
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Chiropractic Adjustment For Shoulder Pain Post Injury

Not many people are aware of just how much can be accomplished through appropriate chiropractic care. Though many chiropractors are adept at adjusting the spine, it is also possible – through appropriate training and experience – to achieve nearly miraculous results through adjusting the extremities (arms and hands and feet, ankles, knees, etc…)

In this video we see a simple adjustment of one of the joints of the shoulder that because of trauma had become mildly misaligned. This is a very common problem in the shoulder and often causes symptoms such as shoulder pain, neck or arm pain on the same side, and eventually problems such as degeneration (arthritis), bursitis, etc…

In this particular case we see the example of shoulder pain following a recent trauma. The pain is localized and the motion of the shoulder is limited. The suspicion of a shoulder misalignment was confirmed in the exam. The adjustment, as you can see, is quick and usually painless. Often, improvements are immediate though follow up care over a period of a few weeks is usually beneficial for full, proper healing.

There are further aspects to proper care of any shoulder problem as it relates to chiropractic care and alignment which you can see in the linked video.

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