Dr. Oz on Hypothyroidism

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August 31, 2013
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Dr. Oz on Hypothyroidism

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve done all the “right things” yet you just cannot lose weight. It seems that all the “right things” are still based off of the old idea of “eat less, exercise more.” If it really was that simple we wouldn’t have such a weight loss problem in this country.

Among the few possible “missing links” from the weight loss equations is hormonal balance. One of the most important hormones to keep balanced is thyroid hormone. This hormone from a small gland in our neck regulates the metabolic rate of all cells in the body.

Without a properly functioning thyroid gland anyone (and it’s mostly women) will suffer from low energy, fatigue, depression and difficulty losing weight. Blood tests for this disorder are often inadequate. To see how you can potentially screen for this problem on your own check out the following link where Dr. Oz explains some simple diagnostic tips for hypothyroidism.


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