I’ve noticed that many health professionals do not post their fees publicly. I am proud of the quality and delivery of the service I offer and believe that the value far exceeds the costs.
Below is a list of services and fees.


Initial Exam/Consultation

First Adjustment
Included with Initial Exam/Consultation*

Report of Findings
Included with Initial Exam/Consultation

Standard/Follow Up Visit

Endonasal Correction

Multiple visits discounted. Varies by package.

Home Visit/Outside Visit
$120 Location Fee + Standard Costs

If x-rays are needed we will refer you to an independent imaging center or you may choose one of your liking.

Other Products, Services, Diagnostics
Visit the Shop page or call for more info.

*When indicated as safe and appropriate.

Prices subject to change. Some products and services subject to availability. Please call/contact us to confirm before booking. For discounts and specials follow Dr. Allen Bonilla DC on Facebook.