Ganglion Cyst Gone In One Day – No Surgery Necessary

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February 20, 2014
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February 27, 2014

Ganglion Cyst Gone In One Day – No Surgery Necessary

Here is a short video testimonial that Gerardo was nice enough to do for us.

In this video he shares what happened with his marble-sized ganglion cyst that he had for years. He had been expecting to have to have surgery for this condition and was not looking forward to the time or cost that surgery would entail.

The important part about ganglion cysts in my opinion is not addressing the cyst – which is just a symptom – but the underlying cause. It has been my experience that a cyst is always accompanied by misalignments in the wrists or hands which cause undue pressure on the tendons that pass through that area.

Many problems that are attributed solely to “overuse” are actually due to use and poor biomechanics (alignment). By correcting misalignments in the wrist – which you can see my other video(s) – you allow for smooth motion and less wear-and-tear of all involved structures.

I believe this to an important factor if not *the* most important factor for many cases of:
– Wrist Pain
– Carpal Tunnel
– Ganglion Cyst
– De Quervain’s
– and more…

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