Great Testimonial From an Initially-Hesitant Patient

Chiropractic Adjustment For Wrist Problem
April 2, 2016
August 15, 2016

Great Testimonial From an Initially-Hesitant Patient

Many patients are very hesitant to consult with a chiropractor because of things they’ve heard or even poor past experiences. Being sensitive to those concerns is vital to me as a chiropractor so I can reach those patients that may be in need of care and to improve the impression of our profession.

To ensure that patients walk away feeling happy about their decision to visit us these are points I ensure:

  • Straight talk: no jargon, no sales pitches
  • Meet the patient at their comfort level. Some people need very gentle treatment at first
  • No commitments. I always give honest recommendations but never hard sell long-term care
  • Answer all questions freely. I consider the care process collaborative. It’s not something I do “to” you, it is something we do together

All of these steps were instrumental in helping Omid finally find hope that he had lost and regain his pain-free lifestyle.

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