How Does Advanced Biostructural Correction™ Work? (ABC™ Overview)

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November 17, 2013
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November 18, 2013

How Does Advanced Biostructural Correction™ Work? (ABC™ Overview)

If you came to this page because you wanted to know how well ABC™ works, in other words, “What kind of results do we see with Advanced Biostructural Correction™?” you may click the “Testimonials” link on the “Articles” drop-down menu to the right on this page. Alternatively you can check out the many testimonials from patients and doctors at

If, instead, you are wondering about the mechanisms and principles behind ABC™ that allow for such dramatic and consistent results, please check the video where Dr. Michael Fiske DC does a more thorough job of explaining the how and why behind the ultimate method of structural correction than can I.


Dr. Michael Fiske practices in Vacaville, CA:

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