Improved Posture Through Chiropractic

The Importance of Posture in Life
January 16, 2013

Improved Posture Through Chiropractic

Listen to Barb as she describes her experiences with Dr. Allen Bonilla and Advanced Biostructural Correction.

As she mentions she had previously seen a chiropractor for about a year. The chiropractor did the standard adjustments that most chiropractors do. Though many people find that standard chiropractic provides pain relief I also very commonly hear that the relief is short lasting. Having inside knowledge I know that these treatments on their own do not cause a predictable long-term change in spinal alignment.

It’s very easy to “crack backs” but correcting misalignments so the body can be truly aligned is a different story altogether. When we talk about posture it’s much more than making you stand straight; it’s about bringing your body into true alignment so you can look, feel and function your best.

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