Kyphosis Treatment Without Exercises or Surgery

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August 11, 2013
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August 15, 2013

Kyphosis Treatment Without Exercises or Surgery

What if I told you that just about everything you’ve ever been told about posture was wrong?

On this page I have posted some examples of people with whom we were able to create a drastic change in their posture often in minutes! No crazy straps, braces, surgery, or tedious exercises necessary!

According to what you’ve probably been told, this should be impossible! Most people – including most health care professionals – are still under the belief that there is no effective treatment for – much less a “cure” for kyphosis. The typical advice people are told is to “try to remember to stand straighter.” or are prescribed useless exercises.

Progress over several visits. Notice the thinner looking abdomen and fuller chest? That’s a “side effect” of good posture!

Our corrective techniques restore the natural optimal alignment to the supporting structures of the body allowing it to stay upright with very little effort and definitely without having to”try to remember” to maintain it (that doesn’t work).

Good posture is light, fluid, and effortless.

Pictures taken about 15 minutes apart. Instructions for both are to breath in, breath out, and let your body slump.

Sadly, I see many people resorting to drastic measures to address conservatively-reversible issues. Postural kyphosis is one of those issues. Merely stretching or exercising can provide moderate relief for curvature of the upper spine but addressing the underlying structural misalignments – as we do – utilizing specialized techniques, produces deep structural changes in postural kyphosis without exercises and without surgery.

These people have done it, and so can you!

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As an aside; I’ve posted several before and after photos on this site. If you look at the “after” photos you will almost always notice that the person looks thinner through the neck and abdomen and fuller through the chest and buttocks. Why is that? That’s a “side effect” of good posture. Don’t believe it? You can try it yourself in the mirror by first slumping then pulling yourself into a more upright posture!

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