Lumo Lift for Better Posture??

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December 7, 2013
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February 20, 2014

Lumo Lift for Better Posture??

I am a lover of technology and a proponent of better posture so it was exciting to hear about the upcoming release of Lumo Lift. The Lumo Lift is a smart device that among other things helps you to track you posture and provides reminders when needed to self-correct posture.

I have in other posts and vids mentioned that “reminding” yourself to have better posture is actually a backwards means of addressing the problem of poor spinal posture since it is asking the body to use more force to pull against collapsing spinal curves. My greatest excitement regarding the device is that it may be a fantastic way to track the changes we make in people’s bodies using Advanced Biostructural Correction™.

Common methods of tracking the postural changes in clients undergoing ABC™ is to take images and/or using before-and-after x-rays. Though this does produce valuable and often dramatic visual representations of the structural changes we make, having a log of a persons station – or position over time – can lend strong inferences to the amazing functional changes we are making as well.

If you are an early-adopter of the Lumo Lift, live in the Los Angeles area and would be willing to track your postural changes and allow them to be shared publicly, please contact me. If you are concerned about your posture and would like to see it corrected this may be your opportunity to change your body in a drastic way.



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