Now Accepting Bitcoin

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December 5, 2013
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Now Accepting Bitcoin

Those that know me know that I don’t think like a typical doctor which is why I’m able to achieve better-than-typical results. This style of thinking extends outside of my professional life and into politics as well. Though I usually endeavor to keep separate my personal and professional beliefs I cannot always do so absolutely seeing as how there is considerable overlap between who I am and what I do – a natural consequence of being one who pursues a personal passion as a means of making a living.

Without need for delving into my beliefs on monetary policy I would like to extend my invitation to current and potential clients that would prefer to opt out of US dollar-based payment systems and announce that I will be gladly accepting Bitcoin in exchange for services.

Please allow for some minor variations and/or implementation delays wherein I must abide by specific laws and obligations by virtue of my status as a licensed professional and obligations of state law and insurance contracts with which I have prior binding responsibilities. (That means: be patient as I have to make sure all the transactions are legal and do not violate the contracts I make with others companies or persons).

I welcome contact from any interested parties or any able to offer implementation advice.

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