The Food Allergy Detective App for iPhone

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February 9, 2013
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May 17, 2013

The Food Allergy Detective App for iPhone

Before the advent of MRT food intolerance testing, keeping a detailed food journal was often the best and only way to find hidden food allergies. Of course keeping a journal can be a tedious process. Who wants to carry a pen and paper and have to bring it out every time they eat? Luckily in these days of omnipresent technology, new solutions are being created daily. One such recent solution that I like is the Food Allergy Detective App for iPhone.

This app provides a more convenient way to track what foods you are eating and how you feel in such a way that meaningful connections can be made. Remember, the test is best in that testing provides a objective and more comprehensive measure of what is actually occurring in the body. When testing is not possible however, or if you are unsure if testing is for you, then starting with a food diary (or the Food Allergy Detective App) is a good start. As is outlined on the website, it is difficult to determine the causes of symptoms if they are frequently present (chronic). As such I would recommend using this app while doing a rotation or elimination diet to better find meaningful patterns.

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