The Importance of Posture in Life

Improved Posture Through Chiropractic
December 27, 2012
Occipital Neuralgia Case
January 29, 2013

The Importance of Posture in Life

Correct posture to me has always been more than just “fixing back pain”. When our body is aligned in the literal sense I feel that we also become aligned in the figurative (and perhaps even metaphysical) sense. There is scientific evidence to back up the notion that correcting your posture can change your thoughts, your perceptions, your emotions, and thus, your life.

In this video, Amy Cuddy relates body language and emotions as evidenced by behavior and measured through hormones*. In this video the subjects were to “assume” postures of dominance – the “fake it till you make it part”. What I would like to stress is that you do not have to “fake” good posture. Spinal correction through Advanced Biostructural Correction restores the natural alignment of the spine bringing the body to a light, natural upright state.

* Fun side note: You can see the hormonal testing done here is the same salivary hormone testing used in our office. If you are interested in quick, accurate natural means of hormone testing and hormone balance please ask us.

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