tTG or tissue transgluminase test

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tTG or tissue transgluminase test

It seems like tTg or the tissue transglutaminase test is the latest in a long line of tests that evaluate for celiac and related diseases.

For patients suffering from such suspected conditions the options can seem overwhelming. One interesting point of clarification is to understand the difference between celiac and gluten sensitivity.

With so many tests and so many variations of sensitivity to gluten (and even variations in the types of gluten!) what is a non-researcher who just wants their life back to do?

It is for this reason that I am such a fan of the Mediator Release Food Intolerance Test (MRFIT). This test does not attempt or pretend to measure any particular molecule or particular pathway. Tests that do this are great for researchers but can leave the general public with very few answers. Instead, the MRFIT test measures for one thing – inflammation!

There are many pathways that lead to inflammation – some caused by our body attacking foods, some by our body attacking itself! When we are able to link a particular food item with inflammation, the mechanism that lead to inflammation is no longer important. What is important is to eliminate that food and allow the body to heal.

Wherease the tTg tissue teansglutaminase test may help determine whether a person’s body is having an autoimmune reaction triggered by gluten, only the Oxford Labs Mediator Release Food Intolerance Test can test gluten and over 100 other foods in one fell swoop to give the client an accurate useful diet plan to help their body recover from gut inflammation and its associated health detriments.

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