The Vibram Case: No Evidence?

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March 14, 2014
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May 22, 2014

The Vibram Case: No Evidence?


For over 100 years now, shoe companies have made footwear with proposed benefits beyond their capability of knowing. Much of the research to back up any claim for footwear is either weak or lacking entirely.

Most shoes geared towards athletes promise some sort of proposed benefit. Whether it is shock absorption, pronation control or arch support, these are essentially claims that the shoes will benefit your gate, stride or health of your foot.

With the recent surge in minimalist footwear, the drive towards reducing the role of the shoe and supplanting it with the wisdom of the foot has been struck down by courts claiming that no longer can a shoe company make claims about the benefits of their shoe – when in essence, they were making claims about the benefits of less shoe.

A quick look at the comments on the source page for this article will prove what I believe future studies will bear and future generations will know to be true which is: less shoe is better.


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