What Are Meningeal Adhesions?

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November 18, 2013
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November 23, 2013

What Are Meningeal Adhesions?

In this video Dr. Michael Fiske DC demonstrates the anatomy and pathophysiology of the meninges (sometimes called the epineurium or perineurium).

Jump the video to the 22:00 minute mark to see a clear explanation of what the meninges are, how meningeal adhesions affect the human condition and how they can be corrected.

This information is the key to fixing structural problems in the body that are not addressed by any other type of health care practitioner. This is the reason that most practitioners find that they can treat problems but the problems keep coming back or are never fully resolved.

Jump to 24:20 to see actual meningeal adhesions.


Dr. Michael Fiske practices in Vacaville, CA: http://whiteoakchiropractic.com/

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