What To Do For Carpal Tunnel

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May 21, 2013
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What To Do For Carpal Tunnel

Every branch of medicine has different ways of addressing symptoms. Here I want to post two videos detailing different means of how to deal with the problem of carpal tunnel syndrome.

While I of course, am always a proponent of non-surgical repair when possible I did find a video that shows a good overview of the surgical repair process for carpal tunnel. I like that the surgeon explains the two main approaches to repairing the carpal tunnel and explains the necessity for post-surgical physical therapy.

The second video is an impromptu video I made for an intern showing the typical misalignments I often find in carpal tunnel sufferers. Addressing the alignment of the bones of the wrist very often eliminates wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndromes and is obviously much less invasive.

I have seen many instances of clients who had surgical repair for carpal tunnel that was considered successful but after a period of 1-3 years symptoms returned likely due to scar tissue at the site of surgery. This is always harder to fix than an unscarred wrist which is why the post-surgical physical therapy is of great importance should one choose this route. Often there are obvious alignment issues in the wrist that had they been addressed at the time may have circumvented the need for surgery.

In a biostructural correction approach I would not only look at the alignment of the wrist as you see in this video, but also to other areas of possible nerve impingement/entrapment. One very common area for this to occur is at the root of the upper extremity nerves at the base of the neck. This component of carpal tunnel is often ignored in other therapies and is why some treatments have only partial success. This is one area where postural corrective chiropractic outperforms many other more intensive therapies.

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